Sederhana dan elegant. Itulah Grand Vitara. Bagaimana sesuatu yang sederhana, bisa pada saat yang sama terlihat wah. Dalam kesederhanaan Grand Vitara, terpancar ke-eleganan-nya.


The simple yet grand Suzuki Grand Vitara

By. Atty. Karen Jimeno

Flashy, loud or ostentatious are not descriptive of the Suzuki “Grand Vitara.” One look at the Grand Vitara and the first adjective that comes to my mind is “simple.”  How can something so simple be at the same time “grand”?

It is in the Grand Vitara’s simplicity that I find elegance.

From the exterior to the interior, the Grand Vitara is a straightforward SUV that is elegantly sporty. The dark chrome front grille, silver alloy wheels, and slightly boxy edges give the Grand Vitara an old-school, rugged look with a touch of class. Inside the Grand Vitara, sporty seats combine with champagne accents in the front console.

The simplicity of the layout makes the Grand Vitara extra appealing. While most new cars tend to overdo the high-tech features, the Grand Vitara keeps things simple. Without consulting the car manual, I easily found the controls for the headlights, wipers, radio, locks and other features.

For fuel-conscious drivers, the Grand Vitara has a “Fuel Consumption Gauge” that shows fuel consumption in three different modes: Instantaneous, Average and Range. It also allows drivers to assess the Grand Vitara’s fuel efficiency.

Whether it’s around the city or going out of town, the Grand Vitara is comfortable to drive or ride. It drives smoothly with a 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder J24B VVT engine with automatic transmission. There’s plenty of legroom in the rear seats, and generous luggage capacity of 398 liters (with the rear seatback raised) or 758 liters (with the rear seatback folded).
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With 18-inch alloy wheels, the Grand Vitara has a ground clearance of 188 mm—making it conveniently high enough for urban road bumps or out-of-town trips.

Functional and practical, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is grand in its own simple way.



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